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Default Re: Trumpís Justice Department Refuses To Defend Obamacare In Court

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post

seen on twitter: My wife has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. We are on COBRA due to her company shuttering. When COBRA runs out 8/19 her preexisting condition will prevent coverage. DOJ policy change may very well kill my wife. Vote them out
I agree, vote out the intransigent Democrats who refuse to reform Obamacare.

The claim in the tweet is a rehash of the steelworker accusing Romney of murdering his wife. That turned out to be fake just like this one probably is too.

The steelworker tried peddling his phony story directly to the Obama campaign who referred him to a PAC run by an Obama staffer. Never mind that coordination between a campaign and PAC is illegal, laws are for little people under Obama.
The Democrat's strategy for the Trump Presidency is the same one used by Stalin's secret police chief "show me the man and I will show you the crime."
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