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Default Re: Beyond Sex Robots: Fact vs. Fiction

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
I don't have 21 minutes to burn on the video, but if someone wants to use one, I say their choice, their business.

Think of the positives - no need for STD testing, no having to wonder what they were doing while you were at work, no surprise pregnancies.
summing it up...
the video 1st of all lets folks know that the tech is nowhere near what people imagine.
basically it's a talking head on an unmoving rubber body.
It's a glorified sex toy being marketed as a robot and at the time of the video only one company had sold one.
IMO At this points it's looks more like a novelty item than anything else.
But apparently several groups are working toward the imagined goal.
5..10...15...20 ... 100? years out.

and there are people that are advocating against them on the grounds of it being misogynistic, anti-social and nigh on slavery (if it AI is advanced enough I suppose they mean) .

(cut 20 minute video in half by watching a 2X speed. cut by a 3rd at 1.5X)
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