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Default Re: Jesse Ventura Calls For The Arrest Of Donald Trump

Originally Posted by loboloco View Post
Actually, Trump is working under a congressional resolution also. And, so far, has complied with the War Powers Act. Once again, no difference. Attacking a foreign power, under your definition and claim that only congress can initiate military action, both were just as wrong.
What congressional resolution? There are none that authorize force against Syria.
And not under the war powers acts becasue it doesn't fit the criteria.
Congress woman Tulsi Gabbard ask Mattis about the War Powers Act just before the Trump Attacked:

GABBARD: Thank you. Thank you, gentlemen, for your service. You know, the President has indicated recently his intention to launch U.S. military attacks against Syria. Article one of the Constitution gives Congress the sole power to declare war. Congress has not done so against the Syrian government. Section 3 of the War Powers Resolution requires the president to consult with Congress before introducing U.S. Armed Forces into situations of hostilities. Section 2 of the War Powers Resolution clarifies the constitutional powers of the President as commander-in-chief. In article 2, which you referenced, Secretary Mattis, to introduce forces into hostilities only pursuant to
1.) a declaration of war,
2.) specific statutory authorization or
3.) a national emergency created by an attack upon the U.S., its territories, possessions or Armed Forces.

Syria’s not declared war against the U.S. or threatened the U.S. The launch of 59 missiles against Syria by Trump last year was illegal and did not meet any of those criteria in the War Powers Resolution. The consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 which was signed into law by President Trump states that none of the funds made available by this Act may be used with respect to Syria in contravention of the War Powers Resolution, including for the introduction of U.S. Armed Military Forces into hostilities in Syria.

My question is, will the President uphold the Constitution, the War Powers Resolution, and comply with the law that he signed – that he signed – by obtaining authorization from Congress before launching U.S. military attacks against Syria?

MATTIS: Congresswoman, we have not yet made any decision to launch military attacks into Syria. I think that when you look back at President Obama sending the U.S. troops into Syria at the time he did, he also had to deal with this type of situation. Because we were going after a named terrorist group that was not actually named in the AUMF that put them in. This is a complex area, I’ll be the first to admit.

GABBARD: It is it is simple, however, what the Constitution requires. So while you’re correct in saying the President has not yet made a decision, my question is will he abide by the Constitution and comply with the law?
the obvious and honest answer is NO. No he won't, and no he didn't.
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