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Default Re: Betsy DeVos Has No Idea What's Going On, But She Can Talk Until Your Time Runs Ou

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post

laughin and cryin over this one.
Another of your spam posts from the idiot Seder where you display no comprehension of what's being said. Anyone who wants to marinate in the childish stupidity of Seder's "stupid or evil" can subscribe to his juvenile rants.

Teachers unions are an essential component of the Democrat base. Devoss is an advocate of giving parents options for their children's education including nonunion charter schools. Naturally this freedom is unacceptable to statists like Seder but he is unable to offer a reasoned argument for trapping children in failing public schools so he resorts to puerile name calling.
What is a 30 something year old single man with a rock in one hand and a Honduran flag in the other?

An asylum seeker.
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