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Default Re: MSM hides the truth...Obama did spy on Trump

Originally Posted by saltwn View Post
I don't believe all msn and cnn sh*t. they are rooting for a mainstream corporate azzhole. the one we got only helps the corporations he chooses (palm greased ); I prefer a progressive potus and progressives down balot.
you on the other hand believe trump.that is stupid and dangerous
Progressive types will ALWAYS need corporations, and will ALWAYS take money from corporations. Other than Trump, what other POTUS used his own money to get elected? Other than Trump what POTUS is not Beholdin' to anyone?

I think that might be one of your problems with Trump. I can tell by the things you say, that you are pretty Jealous of people with money. Maybe
even a little hateful about it.

I do agree that the Zuckerbergs of the world can afford to spend billions on those less fortunate. And if you or I were him, we would both give away vast amounts of our money to those that need it.

I would like to see the uber rich compete to see who can do the most for society with their unlimited amounts of money.
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