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Default Re: MSM hides the truth...Obama did spy on Trump

Originally Posted by Dog Man View Post
It will not be long before the FBI are proven to have used their powers to undermine a presidential election.

This is why there was such a MASSIVE push to prove Russian involvement, it was to take the spotlight off Democrat operatives
within the FBI. We need to be very careful, cause the FBI is looking more like the KGB everyday.

What amazes me is that the left and the MSM is OK with what they tried to do.
You obviously believe what you believe.
All I can tell you is that that is a load of crock sold to you by some very adept advertising agencies.
The IRS budget has been reduced by roughly 20%. Meanwhile, the richest 1% have been able to evade as much as $163 billion a year in taxes. These things are directly connected.
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