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Default Re: "War on Boys"...

Originally Posted by Manitou View Post
I said basically the same thing to the mother of one of those rambunctious boys turned zombie. She told me I was very insensitive to her child's needs.
I once dated a mother of 2 boys, one of which she said was hyper-active and the other was supposedly ADHD.
I'll never forget the time that she took the leap of faith to leave those boys with me instead of her mom for 4 days when she had to travel for work. I sorta, kinda, 'forgot' to give those boys their hyperactive reducing drugs while they were in my care. What I did do was make them hike a mile with a backpack full of lunch to a nice fishing spot on day one. I also schooled them on how to clean and cook trout. Both boys liked soccer and on day two they schooled me on playing soccer. The night of day two they begged me to take them fishing again, so we did that hiking and fishing again on day three. Day four they wanted to go fishing again but we had to pick their mom from the airport mid-day. I spent the morning teaching them some wrestling moves.

She was pissed that I didn't drug the boys.
Not long after, I was called insensitive and she broke up with me. I don't miss her. I kinda miss those "rambunctious" boys.
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