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Post Re: SCOTUS Blocks Release of More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
there's not much detail to the "reports" of many of the investigations. I don't see much (well anything) about getting raw PP finacainal records from clinics. maybe i've missed it.
One of the former abortion clinic owner said bluntly in her testimony in Texas that as an abortion provider she kept 2 sets of books. one to give to gov't officials and one for herself/company.
But of course Planned parenthood would never do that.
And of course, people wouldn't lie about that either...

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
the investigation in Washington State does seems to take the PP and the baby parts receiving company's word for it. From the state AG's report it looks like they just asked PP for docs and PP sent them the official PP and Company docs. "LOOK we're legal" I didn't see any info about the AG looking at any actual financial records. maybe i missed it though.

From your link:
As described above, one PPGWNI health center donates fetal tissue. It only donates to the UW
BDRL, which is funded by the NIH. PPGWNI accepts shipping materials from the UW BDRL,
but does not seek or receive any form of reimbursement by the UW BDRL.8There have been no
specific facts alleged, nor did our inquiry result in any indication that PPGWNI sells fetal tissue
or profits from fetal tissue donation.
So, your assessment of this document is b.s.
They don't even seek financial reimbursement.
Ergo, no possibility of illegal profit.

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
In California 2 of PP's baby parts receivers were tried and shut down in December and somehow manged to SETTLE with the Orange county for illegally selling baby parts for upwards of $1000 per part. In the the settlement they had to admit wrongdoing and pay 7mil+ dollars in fines.
PP, where they got baby parts, SAYS they had nothing to do with it. And somehow there's no real reporting on whether or not the county or the state is digging any deeper into PParenthood "financial records" or looking for other evidence.
From what i've seen, I can't say that any gov't officials in CA are investigating PP directly even though many of the videos where made there.

Firms reach $7.8-million settlement over allegations of selling fetal tissue
First off, pointing out that these groups WHICH ARE NOT PLANNED PARENTHOOD have been busted really takes the air out of the tires of the claims that everybody is taking PP at their word and that nobody is looking at financials...
YOUR ARTICLE MAKES CLEAR that people are looking at the financials.
How could they be finding this stuff out if they aren't looking at the financials???

Secondly, these groups ARE NOT PLANNED PARENTHOOD.
You may have some limited success looking at the groups which receive the fetal parts and looking at what THEY do with the parts (with regards to the law), but that's not PP.

So I guess I should thank you for proving my point.

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
the sad thing is people like Foundit66 are in denial of the facts that folks in gov't and the media would allow PP space to cover their tracks here.
But it's a pattern most well documented by the Gosnell case where he operated for YEARS illegally and horrifically while gov't officials, hospital staffs, and city inspectors of all kinds looked the other way. And the media kept the matter as quiet as possible.
By this logic, church pedophiles have been well documented ergo anything I say about the church makes them guilty.

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
many former abortion facility workers and managers have reported many various illegalities elsewhere which have gone unreported and unprosecuted. But these eyewitnesses ...and even video... are all conveniently dismissed as "Lies" and "liars".
When their claims are not substantiated by actual investigation, YES.
That's the part you guys don't get.

What I find amusing is that we'll have 99 out of 100 PP people stating "We don't sell fetal parts".
You guys ignore them and claim they are liars.

We get 1 out of 100 EX-PP people stating they do sell fetal parts, and you claim that as absolute proof.
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