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Default Re: The Water Gap - The State of the World’s Water 2018

Originally Posted by GottaGo View Post
Did you mean pollution?

Once authorities stop banning grey water wells, rain barrel laws, redirection of natural water sources (here in the US) perhaps we can make a small dent in water usage.

Really this is it.. Gee how many gallons of fresh water might we be lossing?

When I t... Dang auto removed my ending.

There is a fine balance between natural resource usage, and societal expansion (houses, schools, businesses). As society progresses, so will the technology of resource usage.

You and those that find this a well set of facts are so wrong... our laws could actually do a lot more to improve fresh water all over America, but Trump decided fresh water is 'Trumped' by CEO's rights to bring in $ and removed some good laws.

Why Obama signed them! Plus it saved companies money

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