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Default Re: The Water Gap - The State of the World’s Water 2018

Another doomsday call for the "fairer" distribution of a planet wide resource.

In many parts of the world the supplies of potable water are much smaller than others. In some parts the amount of fresh water is copious. Population growth was, at one time, limited to that natural distribution.

But with modern technologies we can now have mansions in the desert with voluminous water stored in in-used, picturesque swimming pools and fountains. And whole mega cities who transport water from many hundreds of miles away to promote growth.

When these areas out grow and consume beyond what water supplies they are hording and stealing, the rest of the world is called upon to deal with, and pay for the "crisis." South Africa and South California are leaders in creating and illuminating this problem

The oceans are full of water. Technologies exist and can be developed to tap that resource. Oil rich middle eastern nations do it now.


Tell Al Gore and his Hollywood friends, to empty their pools. When they do, come talk to me. Then I'll listen.
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