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Default Re: Russia a "second-rate" power?

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
then why are so many on the right always up in arms about all these 7th and 8th rate military powers?

North Korea
North Korea, as previously noted, is headed by a dictator of questionable sanity; so he might just fire off nukes--unlike most others.

In Syria, Assad is quintessentially evil. Whether that means we should take him out is really a function of the answer we give to the underlying question: Should our foreign policy be undergirded by moral concerns, or is it best to engage only in realpolitik?

In Libya, NATO--and not just the US--invaded; and for the purpose of implementing UNSC Resolution 1973. (It may be argued that the death of Libya's then-leader, Muammar Gaddafi, was not an especially good thing, as it did not lead to a thriving new democracy in north Africa; but that is another matter entirely.)

The Afghanistan War was prompted by our (understandable) concerns about the Taliban--especially after the 9/11 attacks.

As for Iraq, intelligence indicated--whether rightly or wrongly--that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction (commonly known as WMD).

And there was also, of course, his invasion of Kuwait, over a border dispute.

And as for Iran, it appears to be laying the groundwork for the development of nuclear weapons, after its 10-year deal (the JCPOA) expires.

But wait: I was not aware that the US had invaded Iran...

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
Russia at this point is one of the few hold outs against total western domination of the globe.
I would much prefer that the West, and its values, should "dominat[e]" the world, rather than authoritarianism (as regarding which, Russia is emblematic) might do so...
"In his second inaugural address, [Franklin D.] Roosevelt sought 'unimagined power' to enforce the 'proper subordination' of private power to public power. He got it…"—George Will, July 8, 2007
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