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Default Re: Russia a "second-rate" power?

Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
Retired General Jack Keane made some very good points just yesterday morning, on FNC: He noted that Russia is "a second-rate military power," masquerading as a "superpower."
He concluded, therefore (and I am paraphrasing), that the US should not take into consideration Russia's likely response (as, for instance, in Syria a few days ago), when we wish to take own military actions.
Originally Posted by loboloco View Post
Other than their nuclear arsenal, Russia is actually more like a third rate military power.
Originally Posted by pjohns View Post
At best, Russia is a regional power; but on a worldwide scale, it is really nothing to be concerned about.
Nuclear weapons are useful only for their non-use--as a sort of bluff.
No one seriously thinks that Russia might use nuclear weapons. It would be insane. (Now, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, on the other hand--well, he just might, as his own sanity is questionable. But Vladimir Putin seems quite rational, albeit in a Machiavellian sort of way...)
then why are so many on the right always up in arms about all these 7th and 8th rate military powers?

North Korea
Heck we've sent to troops to Somalia
(not to mention the terrorist groups. ZERO navy ZERO air what rate are they?!)

Often the cry from too many on the right is that these countries will just kill us all dead ... IF WE DON'T DO something... don't you seee?.
Seems to me clear that the political class and multinational biz are just hyping BS threats to control foreign resources and gov'ts.
Russia at this point is one of the few hold outs against total western domination of the globe. So they and there allies are held up as horrible military threats that must be put in check.
IMO, yes Russia and all other countries are "2nd rate" militarily compared to the U.S.., which is a 900 pond gorilla.
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