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Default Re: Russia a "second-rate" power?

Originally Posted by Dave1 View Post
The retired General is off his meds if he actually believes that Russia is a second-rate military power...
At best, Russia is a regional power; but on a worldwide scale, it is really nothing to be concerned about.

Originally Posted by Dave1 View Post
Yes, Russia has an army, a navy, an air force and has enough nukes to destroy the Earth 10X over......
Nuclear weapons are useful only for their non-use--as a sort of bluff.

No one seriously thinks that Russia might use nuclear weapons. It would be insane. (Now, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, on the other hand--well, he just might, as his own sanity is questionable. But Vladimir Putin seems quite rational, albeit in a Machiavellian sort of way...)
"In his second inaugural address, [Franklin D.] Roosevelt sought 'unimagined power' to enforce the 'proper subordination' of private power to public power. He got it…"—George Will, July 8, 2007
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