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Default Re: John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

Originally Posted by Jeerleader View Post
It has often been said in this thread that the number of Democrats that support the repeal/abolishment of the 2nd Amendment is very small.

In a recent (April 11th) Quinnipiac poll the question was asked and now we know that 1 in 3 Democrats support repealing the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution (and clarified as intending to modify / abolish the right to keep and bear arms):

The surprise for me is in the age breakdown. Millennials reject the idea of repealing the 2ndA at a higher rate than any other age group (86% oppose, 12% support.

So much for the recent narrative being shoved down our throats about a major rejection of gun rights by young people. . .
Gun grabbers criticize advocates of repealing the 2A because of the difficulties involved in amending the Constitution not for the wholesale restrictions on private firearms ownership it would permit. The survey question only permits a binary response masking the strategic goal of reducing legal firearms ownership to something that can only be attained by the very rich and well connected like Michael Bloomberg.

Even the Parkland martyrs brigade leader David Hogg claims he is not in favor of repealing the 2A as he advocates more restrictions on gun ownership such as the ineffective assault weapons ban. The broader question of so-called stricter gun laws shows the gun grabber tactical approach.

38. Do you support or oppose stricter gun laws in the United States?
Tot Rep Dem Ind Men Wom Yes No

Support 56% 24% 84% 57% 49% 63% 62% 47%
Oppose 39 70 14 38 48 32 33 49
DK/NA 4 5 1 5 3 5 5 4
We see that 84% of Democrats support the notion of stricter gun control laws despite not knowing what these laws might be. It sounds worthwhile so it is worthwhile despite there being no limit to additional gun control laws up to and including reducing the 2A to a meaningless ornament.
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