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Default Re: Striking the Syrian Regime is not legit

Originally Posted by Hairy Jello View Post

Of course libs are siding with Assad.
No one is siding with Assad other than the Russians. And it's gotten to the point where even Trump through the fog of golf sweats and spray-on tan residue can recognize that Assad is a monster and anyone on his side has a serious moral failing. Of course it also probably has to do with him politically flip-flopping from when he seriously opposed a military strike in Syria when Obama was president.

Hey, Hairy, was Trump on Assad's side when he was against going after him?

As far as actual criticism of the military strike goes, it's on both the left and the right, the non-interventionist part of both sides at least. I follow Joe Walsh on Twitter, nowhere near liberal, and he is very much against us sticking our nose in yet another ME conflict.
"He's now president for life. President for life. And he's great," Trump said. "And look, he was able to do that. I think it's great. Maybe we'll give that a shot some day."
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