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Default Re: Striking the Syrian Regime is not legit

Originally Posted by Hairy Jello View Post
The strikes on Syria were 100% legal and done correctly.

Of course libs are siding with Assad.
I'm not a lib, and I oppose these strikes. Could you explain how our bombing another country because of something that happened within that counry's borders that had nothing to do with us is legal?

pjohns wrote:
whether we should care what Assad does with his own people is really a question of whether we embrace the philosophy of realpolitik, or take a more principled approach, in which America is a moral leader in the world...
There's nothing moral about our invasions of so many countries in the Middle East. If war didn't cause rich people to profit, we wouldn't be in so many of them.
If a Muslim is being assaulted by a homosexual illegal alien, and a non-binary vegan uses an AR15 to stop the assault, who will the liberals protest?
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