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Default Re: Evangelicals and fundamentalists--and Donald Trump

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
Do fundamentalists, that claim to have these religious moral standards that they use to judge other, oppose Donald Trump?
The majority, I think, support Donald Trump.

As I have said before, Donald Trump never ran for the office of minister-in-chief.

And fundamentalists, I believe, would be quite consistent in supporting Donald Trump, as he has generally supported the issues that are important to them--including (but not limited to) opposition to abortion-on-demand, and support for the state of Israel.

By the way, your suggestion that fundamentalists are especially judgmental is not one that I have found to be at all accurate.

Originally Posted by ShivaTD View Post
The United States is "One Nation Under the US Constitution" and not "One Nation Under God" that was nefariously legislated into incorporation in the Pledge of Allegiance along with "In God We Trust"...
The adverb, "nefariously," is an opinion--not a proven fact.

By the way, the Pledge of Allegiance has undergone several changes--not just this one--since its inception.

Oh, one other thing: Abraham Lincoln, in the Gettysburg Address (in 1863) spoke of one nation "under God." Do you find this offensive, also?
"In his second inaugural address, [Franklin D.] Roosevelt sought 'unimagined power' to enforce the 'proper subordination' of private power to public power. He got it…"—George Will, July 8, 2007
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