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Default Re: Does The Media Want Trump To Fire Mueller?

Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
I don't think that is true anymore.I am not sure if it really was every true. Its mostly just trying to manipulate the public into supporting or opposing an issue or politician. Because when the presidential election was going the media didn't care about Clinton's pass misdeeds or what she said or the lies she just flat out told.But they were on Trump like a fat kid is on some Twinkies.The media also didn't really care about Obama's scandals. Anytime there is a mass shooting they air the story for weeks to make it look it something that happens all the time 24/7 and give a soap box to anti-2nd amendment trash. But anytime someone uses a gun to stop a criminal the story is given a token mention or just flat out ignored.
"If it bleeds, It leads. If it doesn't bleed, beat on it until it does."

You're talking about Bias. I'm talking about sensational headlines. They are not the same thing but, they are hardly mutually exclusive.

Firing Mueller is akin to a war between Departments of the Executive branch. There will be blood. Firing Mueller IS blood in the water.

Beating on Trump until he bleeds is the current modus operandi. Beating on the Obama or the Clintons is verboten.

To a point I get what you are saying.

The mass shooting stories are supposed to show concern for children. But then the media and the left goes to court so it doesn't have to show or explain what's in the sinks at Planned Parenthood. Both are bloody. One meets the criteria
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