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Default Re: Researchers say there's evidence that consciousness continues after clinical deat

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
Just because the heart stops doesn't mean all bloodflow immediately stops...There would still be some oxygenated blood in the brain for a little bit...

As far as HOURS?...I find it hard to believe...The patients researched had NEAR-death experiences...
well the Dr said hours.

"Heart stops"
"brain completely shutdown"
"brains cells begins decay"
"bring people back 10's of minutes to hours of time"
"they had perceptions of being aware of what was happening"

this Dr. doesn't mention it, but i've heard testimonies of people that say they SEE what was happening. (eyes closed btw) and what they describe has been verified.

"10% describe mystical experiences "
Heart dr's and former atheist have described as much over the years.
the odd thing about the "mystical experiences" are the similarities. If it were random brain firings you'd expect more random dream like psychedelic trip type of reports rather than many similar reports. Who has the same dream?

But hey many people prefer to try and shoehorn it into "natural phenomenon" no matter what.
personally, the primary source i go to here is the report of Jesus Christ begin dead for 3 days and coming back from the dead and declaring that he has the keys to hell and death and is the doorway to heaven. And has prepared a place in heaven for all those that trust in him.

if others want think that all the "near death" reports are just last gasp natural brain activity, well OK.
but it doesn't even look like the science is leaning that way to me.
Hope is the dream of the waking man.

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Job 14:6-8

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