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Default Striking the Syrian Regime is not legit

i really just want to point out Bolton opinion here,
please look at the articles he wrote linked in the clip to get a feel for his dark war mind set.

From Atlantic Article Striking the Syrian Regime is not legit
...Bolton has been clear: What Assad does to his own people is not a major American concern. That’s why Bolton opposed Obama’s call (which Obama later withdrew) for striking Assad after he used chemical weapons in 2013. America’s real interest in Syria, according to Bolton, in addition to destroying ISIS, is to weaken Russia and Iran. In The National Review article, he makes clear that the only kind of military intervention in Syria he would support is one that would “not be confined to Syria and would inevitably entail confronting Iran and possibly Russia.” Now that ISIS is largely vanquished, he argued last June, the focus of American policy in Syria should be “pushing back these Iranian and Russian gains” in the country as part of a larger effort to “begin rolling back Russia’s renewed presence and influence in the Middle East.” ....

...For years, Bolton has yearned for a cold war with Russia and a hot one with Iran. Ever since taking office, Trump has yearned to show that he’s tougher and manlier than Obama and that he can make America’s adversaries tremble. Because Congress has abdicated its constitutional responsibility to declare war, Bolton and Trump are free to use Syria’s chemical attacks to do this....
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