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Default Re: John Paul Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
There is no acceptable "middle ground" with the left when it involves the Bill of Rights.
To state the obvious just to get it out of the way, JPS's comments on "Repeal the Second Amendment" are obviously NOT "middle ground".

SCOTUS has plainly stated that restrictions on types of guns are legal.
So don't try to hide behind "Bill of Rights". It doesn't prevent what is repeatedly discussed regarding "middle ground".

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
Only ground gained matters after which, the middle ground having been moved, the process starts all over again.
Precisely the justification for those "fears."
You have no freakin' clue how much circular logic you employ in that assessment.
You justify your own fear, by repeating your own fear.

Originally Posted by AZRWinger
As usual when confronted by your own false rhetoric you resort to juvenile insults. Your tantrum about me pointing out that you too are highly partisan after you wrote that my highly partisan nature prevented me from understanding is a good example. You never examine your partisan blinders.
You follow dumb lies with dumb lies.
Pointing out you are lying is not an "insult".
And I have no problem admitting I have some pretty partisan ideas as well.

Originally Posted by AZRWinger
We know from the Clinton era assault weapons ban failure to reduce crime assault weapons bans don't work yet Feinstein proposed another more expansive gun grabbing assault weapons ban using the bodies of children murdered at Newtown as human shields. She is the leading sponsor of another ineffectual assault weapons ban but she couldn't possibly have the ultimate goal of confiscation.

In the same editorial Retired Justice Stephens advocates undertaking the arduous process of repealing the 2A as necessary to enact proper gun control laws he advocates banning semiautomatic guns. There was already an assault weapons ban on new sales and importation of proscribed semiautomatic rifles that withstood Constitutional challenge. Yet we are supposed to believe the former SCOTUS justice wants the 2A repealed so another gun ban permissible under the 2A can be enacted.

No doubt the defenestration of your unfounded claims and speculation will trigger a new wave of personal attacks. Surprise us all by engaging in rational discussion for a change.
As I've told you in the past, when you refuse to address my words I am going to refuse to address what I have no interest in addressing.

I have been trying to engage in rational discussion but you have no interest in responding to what I'm actually saying.
You have two major tactics:
a) Make up false claims about what your opponent is saying,
b) Attempt to derail the conversation with comments that are not relevant to what was actually said.

Originally Posted by AZRWinger
My comment pointed out how Feinstein's bill lays the groundwork and creates the infrastructure for gun seizure but the reliably Left wing Polifact wrote that she didn't mean all guns, essentially trust us we'll respect the 2A in the morning.
Actually, adding a third major tactic:
c) You lie about what you previously have said...

Your lying comment was as follows:
Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Wrong, Senator Feinstein stated explicitly she would have had the government confiscate all guns if she could.
She did no such thing.
And you lack the honesty to admit that.
So now you try to reinvent your claim while refusing to admit your previous lie.

And the Politifact site documents its information so you don't have to just blindly trust them. Look at their evidence.
But we both know they aren't lying so you just blindly attack the messenger.
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