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Post Re: SCOTUS Blocks Release of More Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
I find your posts to be intelligently written and usually well reasoned. However, constantly calling everyone that offers a differing opinion is adding nothing to the discussion. You would be wise to look to offer a different point of view rather than resorting to something as childish as calling everyone liars.
There is a difference between "opinion" and "fact".
If you can point to where I have labeled an OPINION as a lie, I welcome you to do so. Because it's when people make up their own facts that I recognize a lie.

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Again, PP was selling body parts from unborn children slaughtered in their abortion mills. In your earlier comment you claimed PP was not selling baby parts. Even PP acknowledged they were selling baby parts when they announced they were discontinuing the practice some time ago.
Yet another blatant lie.
PP never "sold" body parts.
They were compensated for expenses like transportation, storage, etc.
This did not result in a profit for PP. This was NOT a sale.
Trying to quell the controversy over its use of fetal tissue, Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that it would no longer accept reimbursement for the costs of providing the tissue for medical research.

Originally Posted by mr. wonder
Hilary Clinton is Innocent as Bambi of vote tampering/rigging.
She said so!
I never relied on PP simply "saying so", ergo this response from you is meaningless.

Originally Posted by mr. wonder
If she were guilty of it she'd be in jail... or convicted of something.
But even the red states haven't convicted her!!
There were investigations into the claimed illegal activities.

Regarding your "Hillary" derailment, WHAT ACTUAL LAW do you claim she violated?
If you can't point to any such law, your analogy is a bust from the get go.

And that doesn't even address the fact that you can't identify any actual state investigation that came up with no validation of the allegation. Whereas PP has that in their history.

Originally Posted by mr. wonder
"On July 29, 2015, Abby Johnson testified before the Texas Senate Health and Human Services committee. The committee met to examine the business practices and regulatory structure of Planned Parenthood affiliates in Texas, and to investigate whether state or federal laws were broken with regard to the donation and/or sale of fetal tissue."
And why didn't they indict?
Was it because, despite the testimony of one ex-employee, they couldn't find any actual proof of her claims?

None of you are answering the question as to why the investigation of the Planned Parenthood finances turned up NO CORROBORATION of these claims.
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