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Default Re: Does The Media Want Trump To Fire Mueller?

My eye caught this one statement.

What is the White House doing abroad? What legislation is it preparing to push domestically? With Trump it feels like exponentially larger amounts of coverage are devoted to his mindset or just his mood, not only in terms of Russiagate but vis-a-vis his advisors, foreign leaders — pretty much everything except policy, which features only occasionally.
The reason that so little relates to policy in the media is because Trump doesn' really have a policy that can be discussed. All Trump offers are ranting tweets most of which really don't make any sense. For example there isn't a Trump "policy" on Syria. He's threatening Russia today potentially a precursor to a war with Russia like he's threatened North Korea with war but Trump doesn't really have a policy.

Back to the issue of Trump firing Mueller the press is extensively covering it because Trump doesn't have the authority to fire Mueller. Trump didn't hire Mueller and Trump only has the authority to fire people he hires to work in the government. If Trump "fires Mueller" he will be basically be requiring the Congress to impeach him and remove him from office because no greater evidence of obstruction of justice will exist.

Nixon didn't fire special prosecutor Cox but did order the Cox firing and Nixon was forced to resign because he was going to be impeached and removed from office.

Trump has a more serious problem than the Mueller investigation right now. His attorney, Michael Cohen, just has search warrants executed by the Southern District of New York to seize his records that included documents recording discussions between Cohen and Trump. Obtaining a search warrant for the personal attorney of the President is unprecedented and it literally requires compelling evidence of a criminal act and not simply "probable cause" to obtain the warrant. The application for the warrant must have the highest levels of DOJ approval where, in this case Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, had to be literally convinced that Cohen and Trump were involved in a criminal act (that isn't covered by attorney-client privilege).

We know this is unrelated to the Russia-Trump campaign investigation by Robert Mueller because Mueller uncovered the evidence of the crime, took it to Rosenstein because it was outside the scope of Mueller's investigation, and Rosenstein assigned the investigation (and prosecution) to the office of the US Attorney for Southern New York.

Trump's now threatening to fire Mueller (that he can't lawfully do and that had nothing to do with the search warrant for Cohen) and Deputy AG Rosenstein (a Republican Trump appointee that's apparently been convinced Trump and Cohen have violated to law by signing the application for the search warrant) and either or both of these actions would clearly be obstruction of justice to avoid his own prosecution for violating our laws.

It's been pointed out that Trump was following the story of Cohen on Fox News and that instead he should have been talking with his lawyers about the implications of the search warrant. The problem is that Trump doesn't have a top white collar legal team to provide him with advice and to represent him. Leading his legal team is Jay Sekulow – a lawyer specializing in First Amendment and religious freedom cases, and basically no lawyers on his team with criminal experience. With the warrants and investigation of his personal attorney Michael Cohen he loses Cohen because of a conflict of interest (Cohen can't represent Trump when Cohen's own defense can be at odds with the best interests of Donald Trump).

While the exact nature of the investigation of Michael Cohen hasn't been revealed experts believe it's probably related to the Stormy Daniels NDA and payment that could involve bank fraud, wire fraud, and election campaign finance violations that are cited on the warrant.

Cohen was unlikely to tell his bank that he was borrowing $130,000 on his home to make a payment to a porn star that he claims was making a false allegation of a sexual relationship with Trump (Bank Fraud). Cohen was unlikely to tell the bank that the money transfer of $130,000 was to pay off a porn star. If the payment was to keep Stormy Daniels from releasing her story to the press right before the election then it could be considered an unreported campaign contribution (campaign finance violation). If the DOJ has evidence the Donald Trump was aware of any of this it makes Trump and accomplice to the criminal acts committed by Cohen.

Also of note is that Stormy Daniels is cooperating with the prosecutors so there seems to be linkage between the federal search warrants and her lawsuit against Cohen and Trump.

So ironically Trump may be impeached and removed from office because of a criminal conspiracy between Cohen and Trump in covering up his extramarital affair(s) and not because of other criminal conduct like obstruction of justice if he was to fire Mueller after firing Comey because of the Russia investigation.
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