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Default Re: Fake Virus Page Happens Here

Originally Posted by Lumara View Post
This happened again this morning and happens every couple of weeks. This only happens on this forum, nowhere else for me so far: a red-colored page opens, says my computer is compromised and that I need to contact the one who posted this info to have the virus removed. I know this is a scam and what they generally do when you contact them is walk you through some steps that actually put a virus on your machine and then show you the steps to take it off for a hefty fee. (I know people who have fallen for this.) This nuisance prevents me from getting off that page to do anything, so I always have to shut down my computer, and then it doesn't happen again for a couple more weeks.

Has anyone else experienced this here? Like I said, it only happens here so I wonder if there is something you can do, cnredd to prevent this from recurring, or if there is something I can do. I have anti-virus software, and this isn't a true virus, more of a nuisance scam page that pops up now and then, but only here.
I too have experienced it. Several times.

I also get phone calls from Microsoft about my software being compromised. But I own no software in my name.

These annoyances are what we get for opening our backdoors to the seedy world of scam artists when we go on line. No need to be polite with these clowns. Just shut down and/or hang up.
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