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Default Re: Fake Virus Page Happens Here

I can't get a screenshot because after this scam page appears, none of the keys I press work. I can only shut down.

I just did a net search and found this page: Remove Tech Support Scam Pop-up Virus I already have Malwarebytes and Bit Defender, and this page said to download and run Adwcleaner. It's free, so I just did that, and the scan found and removed three things that were called PUP, which I just learned means Potentially Unwanted Program, "...a software that contains adware, installs toolbars or has other unclear objectives". It's too soon to tell if that took care of the problem, but the fact that it only happens here is weird so I wonder if it is secretly embedded here.

Anyway, you might want to run this Adwcleaner program, too, GottaGo. I obtained it through this link to cnet, since I wanted to make sure it was clean, and I trust cnet.
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