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Default Fake Virus Page Happens Here

This happened again this morning and happens every couple of weeks. This only happens on this forum, nowhere else for me so far: a red-colored page opens, says my computer is compromised and that I need to contact the one who posted this info to have the virus removed. I know this is a scam and what they generally do when you contact them is walk you through some steps that actually put a virus on your machine and then show you the steps to take it off for a hefty fee. (I know people who have fallen for this.) This nuisance prevents me from getting off that page to do anything, so I always have to shut down my computer, and then it doesn't happen again for a couple more weeks.

Has anyone else experienced this here? Like I said, it only happens here so I wonder if there is something you can do, cnredd to prevent this from recurring, or if there is something I can do. I have anti-virus software, and this isn't a true virus, more of a nuisance scam page that pops up now and then, but only here.
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