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Default Re: Brady Center Prez -Repeal the Second Amendment?

Originally Posted by Topcat View Post
The "Rights" on the Bill Of Rights grants nothing. It just acknowledges that we have certain rights. Named or not we still have them. We have other rights as well but they are just not named.
How well would it have worked out if rights were not listed in the bill of rights? It wouldn't have worked out well. Because the proof you have a right to say,do or have something is the bill of rights and whats in it. Without it the left could say you don't have a right to guns, the right could say you don't have a right to what ever religion you want, the left could say that you don't have the right to say what ever you want and pretty much anyone in power can say you don't have right to anything they disagree with. Its why our founders listed those rights. Because they knew people in the future would simply claim you don't have a right to those things without the bill of rights as proof. Because how do you determine what rights are and are not retained by the people? Have many supreme court cases that relied only on the 9th amendment been won?
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