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Default Re: Brady Center Prez -Repeal the Second Amendment?

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
Whoa whoa whoa!!!!...

24% is HUUUUGE!!!...

A full fourth of all Democrats want to see an amendment repealed???...One that's not only in the original Bill of Rights, but was so important it was placed SECOND in line out of all amendments?!?!?!...
That's downright scary...It's about 37% too much...
The "repealers" sole goal, right now, is to increase their numbers, so 24% today becomes 34% in a few years...and 44% in a few more more years...and then 54% a few years after that...THEN you'll be yelling "We should do it!!!! That's what the majority wants!!!!!"...
Foundit66 convincingly didn't mention the other part
Originally Posted by mr wonder
...Here's a link (see page 65) to a survey where 24% of Democrats "Strongly Favor" repealing the 2nd amendment and 15% "Favor Somewhat", that's nearly 40% of Democrats. Only 26% strongly oppose. Do i need to post anything else?...
It's pretty sad over 1/3 of Democrats "Favor Somewhat" or "Strongly Favor" repeal of the 2nd amendment.
But hey it's not "a majority" so we shouldn't mention them i guess. Since the 24% of Ds that STRONGLY oppose repeal will set the others strait. and are the only ones talking about gun-control. right?
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