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Default Re: Family killed in California cliff crash had recent visit from Child Protective Se

Looks like the lesbians went vroom vroom right off the cliff.

So when are we banning lesbians and SUV's? That would have prevented this incident.

SUV carrying family accelerated off California cliff, CHP says

The California Highway Patrol on Sunday said evidence suggests that the SUV carrying the family that drove off the side of the Pacific Coast Highway was at one point stopped and then accelerated off the side of the road.

The new revelations raise new questions on whether the incident was a deliberate.

Greg Baarts, the acting assistant chief of the patrol’s northern division, told KGW8 that based on preliminary evidence, investigators now have “reason to believe…that the crash was intentional.”

The speedometer of the Washington state family’s SUV was pinned at 90 mph when the vehicle was discovered crushed along the jagged rocks on the shoreline, court documents said. Authorities, however, warned that the speedometer could have been altered at impact and is not conclusive.

Authorities have reportedly obtained a warrant to search the family’s home in a suburb of Portland, Ore., to better look into the possibility of suicide.

The deceased are two mothers, Jennifer Hart and Sarah Margaret Hart, who were both 38. Jennifer was driving at the time. Authorities determined that three of their six children are dead, the other three are missing and feared dead, The Washington Post reported.

Not an accurate representation of a white person.
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