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Default Re: Report: Medicaid enrollment, costs swell under ObamaCare expansion

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Negotiated prices with private insurance companies are voluntary. There is no negotiating with government reimbursement rates. Healthcare providers can elect to accept or reject either.
Hospitals that receive huge federal and state subsidies are required, as a condition of the subsidies, to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients. Private clinics that don't receive the subsidies are not required to accept the Medicare and Medicaid patents. Because Medicare and Medicaid both pay less than the costs of the actual services most private clinics will not accept new Medicare/Medicaid patients. Private clinics do typically continue providing services to patients they have that eventually become Medicare patents at retirement age.

Private clinics don't worry too much about those with private insurance because the patient is simply billed for any shortfall in the scheduled benefit payments by the private insurance company (that aren't open to negotiation with the private clinic). Medicare/Medicaid patients can't typically be billed for costs in excess of the Medicare/Medicaid payment (except when it's related to private insurance tied to Medicare/Medicaid).
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