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Default Re: WH: 79 Cloture Votes Used Against Trump Nominees Compared to 17 in Past 4 Adminis

Originally Posted by RedState View Post
As I mentioned, the numbers are misleading at best. And at worst, complete fabrications. Republicans always act as if they can't remember past last monday.

After Obamas first term, in the history of the United States, 147 presidential nominees have been filibustered, 79 blocked under President Obama, 68 blocked under all the other presidents."

"Since Republicans took control of the Senate at the beginning of the 114th Congress, senators have voted to confirm only 22 of President Obama’s judicial nominees. That’s the lowest total since 1951-52, in the final years of Harry Truman’s presidency."

"Confirmation of Obama's judicial nominees slowed to a crawl after Republicans took control of the Senate in 2015. Obama White House officials blame Senate Republicans for what they characterize as an unprecedented level of obstruction in blocking the Democratic president's court picks.'

"Senate GOP used “blue slips” to block Obama judicial nominees, but now wants to trash the practice"
Obama apologists can't look beyond the propaganda just whine, whine, whine about being victims. Republicans didn't employ tactics like the 30 hour rule to prevent the incoming Obama administration from replacing Bush holdovers. Naw, Democrats are "patriots" for dragging out the appointment confirmation process on an 11 year schedule. Trump won so his administration must be sabotaged.

Using the Democrats favorite fits in the face negotiating technique Harry Reid steamrolled the judicial confirmation process with the nuclear option. Compromise, not a chance, I won.

Gee, what a surprise after Republicans took control the Senate stopped being a rubber stamp for President Obama's judicial nominations.
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