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Default Re: Trump says U.S. to impose hefty tariffs on steel, aluminum imports

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
I note the absence of you actually quoting the Constitution where the president is GIVEN authority to impose tariffs.

So if i'm reading you right, what your saying is that
the president isn't FORBIDDEN from imposing tariffs,
therefore he has the authority too so.
the left uses the same "logic".

And as I've said, if it's works for tariffs then it works for ALL other issues.
Also If you're going to be stickler for the details with that POV, the constitution/bill of rights really only forbids the congress from making laws restricting religion and free speech. It does not mention the Presidents authority, his making rules, regulations, executive orders etc.. or the courts making rulings... and if there's a "national security" issue well there ya go.
The article I linked cited 4 legal means for the President to impose tariffs yet you continue to bray. Nixon, Carter and other past Presidents have imposed tariffs based on these laws yet they are unchallenged before the SCOTUS and Congressional opponent of Trump's tariffs attempted to pursue legislation to block them not a Constitutional challenge.

Still no explanation of how a state's lack of authority to block mortgage foreclosures is somehow applicable to the President's authority to impose tariffs. A simple declaration of so-called universal principle as if the wildly disjointed attempt to apply contract law to statutory authority, States to Presidents ought to be blithely ignored.
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