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Default Re: WH: 79 Cloture Votes Used Against Trump Nominees Compared to 17 in Past 4 Adminis

Originally Posted by GetAClue View Post
Once again, they were following the "Biden Rule". It was Biden that made the suggestion that SCOTUS picks should not be made during an election year. The Republicans were simply following his lead.
Not this bull**** again. At the time (in 1992) it was intended and taken more as a warning to conservative justices who thought they might retire and let Bush replace them on the chance that Bush would lose to Bill Clinton.

And sure, you can say Biden was hypocritical if and when he spoke out about the Garland stall. But nobody else, not the media, not senators, not (be honest now) you yourself took any note or notice of what he said back then. Or even heard about it at all

And by the way, in 1992, the GOP did not "go along" with it or ratify it in any way.

And as for the pious phoniness of the the GOP's new belief in the "Biden Rule," Mitch McConnell refuses to agree that this rule should apply in, say 2020 or any time there is a Republican president. If you and he weren't totally full of **** on this matter, you and McConnel would call for a Senate resolution to enshrine the Biden Rule. But because you and he are both enormous hypocrites, of course that won't happen.
The total number of contacts between the tRUmp team
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