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Default Re: Trump says U.S. to impose hefty tariffs on steel, aluminum imports

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
The SCOTUS quote you claim justifies your position is plucked from a 1934 ruling where the Court overturned a Wisconsin law preventing foreclosures for 2 years. The crisis was the Great Depression. The ruling pertained to contractual rights.

I could emphasize the rabid determination to attack Trump leading to plucking misleading excerpts from irrelevant SCOTUS opinions then trying to pass them off as supporting the attack but that would be engaging in the same hysteria.
The quote is a statement of a general principal of constitutional application universally. Trying to apply it narrowly to just that case is disingenuous. And itd be a FAR Easier to make the case that the drepression was a REAL "national security" situation.

But I could mention how you're desperate to denfend Trump and are looking for any and all loopholes real or imagined to try a justify his unconstitutional actions. And have avoided the main issue, and dodged the clear analogies presented in areas that you Would NOT want the same justifications applied.
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