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Default Re: Comey or McCabe Lied

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
A part of why there's no accountability is the lack of the media demanding answers...

See anyone in the media getting an interview or asking questions to kicked-off-the-Trump-investigation FBI agent Peter Strzok?...

His love interest and FBI lawyer whom he exchanged anti-Trump text messages Lisa Page?...

Demoted ex-associate attorney general Daniel Ohr?...

Daniel Ohr's wife, Nellie, who worked for Fusion GPS?...


The Mueller investigation leaks like a sieve with "anonymous sources" and "unnamed officials" when it puts someone six degrees away from Trump in a negative light and the media makes sure it hits the front pages in 20 seconds, but these four people have entered the media's witness protection program...
The press did extensive coverage of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page's use of FBI cell phones for personal use, in violation of the FBI rules for use of the cell phones which is what they were disciplined for, where their text messages condemned Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and even Attorney General Eric Holder. The DOJ Inspector General found no evidence that their private text messages interfered with their investigative duties at the FBI.

Fusion GPS is a business research organization and the fact that Daniel Ohr's wife, Nellie, worked at Fusion GPS has no negative connotations or implications. Remember that Fusion GPS wasn't engaged in "opposition research" against Donald Trump. The DNC and Hillary Clinton campaigns were engaged in opposition research and contracted with Fusion GPS to investigate Donald Trump's business dealings. Fusion GPS was not an "opponent" of Donald Trump. They were just a research firm hired to do what they do best and that's investigate business dealings.

Of more interest is that Christopher Steele, that only contributed a small amount of research in the overall investigation of Donald Trump by Fusion GPS, was hired by Fusion GPS and not by the DNC or Clinton campaign, had no knowledge of the DNC or Clinton campaign's contract with Fusion GPS, and the so-called "Steel Dossier" had nothing to do with the research that Fusion GPS hired Steele to conduct. These were memo's to the FBI by Steele about intelligence information he wasn't looking for that was supplemental to his research work for Fusion GPS. None of this information was turned over to the DNC/Clinton campaign because it was unrelated to the research they requested. Steel turned this information over to the FBI because it related to US national security and not because of any political motivation.

There have been no leaks from the Mueller investigation that we know of. All of the information is coming from those that have been interviewed by the Mueller investigation or those that have been contacted to provide information to the Mueller investigation.

All of this has received extensive news coverage and the claims it hasn't are simply false.
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