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Default Re: In a first, an undocumented immigrant is appointed to a statewide post in Califor

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
YES, It is the kind of people we want to immigrate here. But legally. Why do you not mention that difference? As a student of the law, she, Elizbeth Mateo, should also be well aware.
Are we or are we not a nation of laws?

And it is the same state that somehow finds a way to pay people who do not have a legal SS number. How can they do that?
I know as an employer, I cannot do that without breaking the law.

Again I ask, are we or are we not a nation of laws?
We are a nation of laws. However, the political leadership of California appears to believe that the ends justify the means and if they are able to circumvent the rule of law for causes that they feel are just, it is their duty to do so. They must know that they cannot accomplish what they want by legal means as our Constitution allows for changes via the amendment process. That in itself gives me hope that this country is not as far gone as it would appear to be. If the progressives truly believed they had the support for their agenda, they would be proposing Constitutional amendments to implement it.
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