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Default Re: Ohio student suspended for staying in class during National Walkout Day

Originally Posted by Bat View Post
Yeah, education also includes history.
Every nation in history that has disarmed their citizens has been a dictatorship that eventually violated human rights.
I don't want to be a nation similar to Hitler's Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia, Pol Pot's Cambodia or Mao Zedong's China.
P.S. Mao started with the school children.
This is a fact that most liberals wish to ignore in their quest to "make the world a safer place". They tend to ignore basic human instincts to seek power and control the world around you. When given too much power and authority, most humans fight to keep it or even increase it. That is why our Constitution is so unique in that it puts protections in place to prevent such occurrences. It is a shame that those on the left wish to remove those protections.
To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead - Thomas Paine

A lie doesn't become truth, a wrong doesn't become right, and Evil doesn't become good, just because it is accepted by the majority. - Booker T Washington
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