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Default Re: Trump's sanctions and hardline rhetoric brought North Korea to negotiating table,

Breaking: Trump will meet in person with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

President Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un directly to discuss de-nuclearization proposals, it was reported Thursday.

Here’s what happened:

In a dramatic announcement Wednesday, President Trump told reporters that there would be a joint announcement between the White House and South Korean officials at 7 PM.

“Trump just popped his head into THE WHITE HOUSE BRIEFING room and told [OANN correspondent Trey Yingst] South Korea will be making major announcement at 7pm tonight about North Korea” said CBS reporter Jacqueline Alemany.

Fox News reported that the announcement will be that the president will meet with Kim Jong Un.

OANN correspondent Trey Yingst then added that the White House had received a letter from Kim Jong Un Thursday.

The report comes after a “charm offensive” campaign by the North Korean regime to soften relations with South Korea while the Winter Olympics were hosted in PyeongChang.

North Korea has in the last year become increasingly belligerent through missile tests that threatened and alarmed their neighbors. Trump has responded with his own threats, often through his social media account, leading many to criticize his approach to the crisis in the Korean peninsula.

The U.S. has also responded with increasingly strict sanctions on the government many refer to as “the hermit kingdom.”

On Wednesday the U.S. announced new sanctions after it was confirmed that the North Koreans were behind the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s half-brother last year.

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