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Default Re: Stephen Hawking says he knows what happened before the dawn of time

Originally Posted by FrancSevin View Post
You are welcome to the last word but this thread is about Hawking and the Big Bang. Not your persistent attempts to extend and argument I have repeatedly expressed a desire to avoid.
Because validity of the Biblical story is irrelevant to Hawking's theoretical concepts and the sterility of honest science.
we are done here.
Religion & Philosophy - Political Wrinkles

You'll note I almost never post there.
OK no problem, But Franc in your last post you asked me questions concerning religion, my take on the bible's veracity and faith, elsewhere in the thread you mentioned men in black holes with flashlights, the foolishness of others faith ,and what the Bible was MEANT to do Franc. So be honest, and don't act like I took the thread on the tangent without your help. I simply replied and asked you questions as well.

no worries

Hawking ideas are pure mathematical speculating based on theories and hypothesis that are riddled with problems and assumptions and have little to no observational data to back them up to the point where he takes it.
Like Multiverses and Aliens it's fun speculation and all but, he does not "KNOW" how the origin of the universe came about.
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