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Default Re: Stephen Hawking says he knows what happened before the dawn of time

Originally Posted by mr wonder View Post
you called much of the Bible mythology Franc seems to me that might be called "denial".
you seem to assume that since the Bible was written by Men that God ... whom you believe in... WAS NOT ABLE to direct the accurately when it comes to ALL facts it presents.
And State out right here you thinks it's FOOLISH to believe so.

You assert you know the "true" PURPOSE of the Bible is not Factual where history is concerned.
your tag line says sola gratia, sola fide, sola scriptura.
But i have to ask how can you be sure of Grace and Faith if it's FOOLISH to trust the Scriptures? If it's Inaccurate in areas that are somewhat verifiable why assume that the HUMAN writers were accurate in other areas?

I'll say it again I think you should REEXAMINE the evidence, i suspect you might be surprised at HOW historically FACTUAL these inspired men were Franc.
the God of Grace has NO problem guiding men in the creation of fully factual scripture. Seems to me folk would be foolish to assume otherwise.

But hey, If you don't want to discuss it anymore that's cool. But If you want to assert negative things about the accuracy of the Bible in any area be prepared to back it up with some facts. not just your personal opinion.
Are you in denial of God's message through out the bible? It doesn't rest on the validity of every word written originally, much less after suffrage of a dozen translations.

I will not play word games with anyone about scriptures or historical accuracy of the narrative. I do not need to feel His wounds to believe.

Do you?
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sola gratia, sola fide, sola scriptura.

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