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Default Re: Trump says U.S. to impose hefty tariffs on steel, aluminum imports

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump announced on Thursday he would impose tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum, in a move the administration said would protect U.S. industry, but which critics said would fail to boost jobs and risked stoking a trade war with China.
Trump The Ignorant strikes again.

The US steel industry predominately ended the production of mild steel years ago allowing that market to be filled from foreign countries. It's a high volume low profit industry and the US producers were using equipment and technology from the early 20th Century while foreign producers starting production after about 1960 were using state of the art (at the time) facilities that produce more mild steel at a lower cost than the older US equipment could compete with. To compete the US steel companies would have had to scrap their existing plants and build all new ones. That just wasn't cost effective because the US steel producers found something else that the could produce.

Low volume high profit alloy steel! These steels need very precise control of the alloy agents and the US producers could maintain that high quality requirement. The steel is very expensive because it's a low volume run each time and the steel has very a very limited market but the steel is so special that it can't be realistically replaced with something else. This would include special steel alloys like 15-5 and 13-9 high nickel steel used in aerospace because of it's extremely high strength properties.

The US steel industries just not geared up to produce the high volume low profit mild steel that is the most commonly used steel. It doesn't have the facilities and the cost of new facilities that meet the air quality standards is prohibitive. They don't care how much the tariff is because they can't build the facilities and produce the steel for less than the cost of the imported steel with the tariff added.... and they don't want to anyway.

Trump is just so ignorant because he doesn't realize that the US does some things better than other countries so we do that work here and export it. Sometimes other countries do thing better than us and then we import their products. Tariffs don't change that.
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