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Default Re: *** Trump approval rating now up to 50%

Originally Posted by cnredd View Post
The New York Times gave Hillary a 93% chance to win Wisconsin...



Before the election, the Left had these states as "In Hillary's back pantsuit pocket"...

It wasn't until she lost all three tat the Left started saying "We'll call them `swing states` NOW!!!!"...
Probability estimates aren't polls. Nice try.

Fact is just looking at Pennsylvania, polling was well within the margin of error by election day.

It was further out in Michigan, but Trump was gaining ground and the final poll had him up by 2.

Wisconsin was the only one of the three that was way off.

But there also wasn't a whole lot of polling done just before the day. You can miss a swing in momentum when you don't look.

IOW the myth about the about all the polls being super-off is still a myth.

"Fake news" in your troupe's language I believe.
"There's two types of people: people that look at porn, and people that lie about it. But I wasn't looking!" -

Alex Jones
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