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Default Re: *** Trump approval rating now up to 50%

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
The national polls had Hillary ahead, and she did win the popular vote.
You might want to ask President Gore just how much the popular vote matters. (By the way, if "national polls" had Hillary ahead, was it merely in the popular vote? If so, these polls were entirely irrelevant, at best; and misleading, at worst,)

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
State polls for the most part were within the margin of error. It was just many of the swing states were seriously that close according to polls when we hit election day.
Prior to Election Day 2016, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin were considered to be blue states--not "swing" states.

Originally Posted by WallyWager View Post
The notion that Trump somehow defied polls just isn't true. It does though make for a convenient excuse when polling doesnt go the way his followers want.
There is, of course, such a thing as the a priori fallacy; this, apparently, is that to which you are referring.

But I do think that Donald Trump (and his followers) have a reasonable argument, if the methodology of any given poll is questionable.

If it is not, then the poll will probably be accurate--approximately, anyway.
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