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Default Re: New Theory to replace Big Bang Theory

Here are some of the Failed scientific predictions of the Big Bang

a- The Big Bang predicts that the universe should have a lot of magnetic monopoles.
Fail. there are none found in the universe.

b- The Big Bang predicts that the universe's microwave background should be different than it is.
Fail. the observed microwave background is asymmetrical and there are problems with the tempture. the big bang model could not have caused whats observed.

c- The Big Bang predicts that the universe should have a deep curve of some kind.
Fail. the observed universe is flat. what we observe is mathematically impossible if the big bang is true.

those are considered fatal flaws

It also predicts that the universe should have as much anti-matter as matter.
Fail. they've been looking for it and have basically concluded it anti-there.
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