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Default Re: Fact Checking Pres. Speech

Originally Posted by AZRWinger View Post
Waa, when will others share your blind hatred towards Trump? The hate is what is obvious. Confront you with the facts and all you do is attack.

You're so far off base.. Hate has blinded you!!! I like some of what Trump and other politicians bring to the game.. And when they don't do as well.. Why talk about it?

Why not?

And why bother posting it? I love how [once Dems did it for the Obama's] and now die hard central right, left and central. As well as others in line with the stands the GOP takes.
Come running to the base side with other possibilities. Some great debates at times.

Other times well not worth the time to bother. I gain nothing.. Period. As what is said is true. "One can't beat city hall"

But what is generated is why I do it... ...

Improvise - Adapt - Over Come...
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