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Default Re: The Trump-Putin War on American Intelligence Is in Overdrive

Originally Posted by RedState View Post
Bull****. Hillary made putin piss his ****ing pants. Their economy would have been destroyed and any assets Putin and his mafia buddies had outside of the country would have been seized. Instead tRUmp surrenders to the Kremlin while you cheer him on.

Whats even funnier though, is that you don't care that America is being attacked by a foreign enemy because you think they are helping your political side. Actually that's not funny, that's sad and traitorous.
That's hilarious!!! I can always count on you for a good laugh. Isn't it also funny that everything is turning around and pointing at Clinton and Obama now? This investigation has not worked out the way they were hoping. I think Obama and Clinton should have started going "By the Book" long before Trump was elected. If Hillary had been elected all of their Russian antics would have been able to be swept under the rug. Now it's looking bad for Obama AND the Hillary camp.
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