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Default Re: C-Sections without the woman's consent

Originally Posted by Lumara View Post
This is an issue dear to my heart. Those are horrible things to do to women. I've also heard of women being strapped down so that they cannot move during delivery!

Another problem is when labor is induced for the convenience of the doctor. My ex DIL was induced, and my grandson wasn't ready to come out so she was in an agonizing labor for over 24 hours. As a result of this very difficult and too-early delivery my grandson came out with a misshapen head, was developmentally delayed for a time, and at 14 he now has the maturity level of around a 10 year old, although he has normal intelligence. There are too many pregnancies induced for convenience. Babies in most cases will come out when they are ready, and it doesn't do them any good to be delivered early in the absence of a problem.

Pregnancy is a natural process, but it has been turned into a medical procedure. That is why I had my son at home with a midwife. During childbirth classes we were taught that 95% of deliveries are problem-free, so I never understood why some believe that 100% should be delivered in a hospital setting.
I've been part of the medical team (Anesthesia) for many C sections, some V deliveries, and all types of GYN procedures. Some of the incidents described above just don't seem realistic in my experience and seem to be an obvious rare exception to the rule. It sounds like your grandson might have had an altered result but what was the reason. Would he have benefited from a c-section related to "failure to progress" or "cephalopelvic disproportion". Clinically, the baby's heart rate is usually monitored and decelerations indicate some distress. I personally know cases of emergency stat sections where the baby was delivered (APGAR 0 out of 10 ) resuscitated and did OK. Patient care requires more than monitoring, giving drugs, and physical support. We hold the patient's hand and listen to what's going on. Sometimes it's scary.
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