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Default C-Sections without the woman's consent

C-Sections and more without the woman's consent

This is an issues that i brought up to woman after the experience my wife and i had when my daughter was born 17 years ago.

My wife was Completely healthy and strong with ZERO problems and the baby was fine. So my wife and I were surprised when the OBGYN said he wanted to go ahead and schedule her C-Section.
My wife and I asked why? He didn't really give an answer. so She refused and decided to wait until the baby came naturally and the OBGYN was visibly frustrated and literally said it'd be "just his luck" if the baby came on the weekend, which she did.

I discussed this with women at the office where i worked and some blew it off as just "one bad apple" type of thing, some said it was becoming common practice but sorta made excuses for it.
But now it seems that many women are outraged and many of the doctors have gone WAY off the rails into criminal territory. Forcing women to have C-Sections and other procedures against their will, causing physical damage and grief to the woman.

here are a few "memes" that have come my way about it.
Have any of you or your family members had to deal with this?

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