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Default Re: The Trump-Putin War on American Intelligence Is in Overdrive

Originally Posted by American View Post
Obama was President when all this **** went down, not Trump! You people are at fault for the Russian election interference, and no one else.
So what is tRUmp doing about the ongoing interference? Is that still Obama's fault too?

It’s time to acknowledge plainly that tRUmp doesn’t want to stop Putin's interference. After he encouraged Russian interference in 2016 and has refused to deter it since, we’d be naive to expect any different from him. And, unfortunately as president, tRUmp doesn’t have to actively collude with Putin's attacks on his behalf this time to help them. He only needs to block the use of American power against them.

Jeff Sessions : Nope, we're not doing anything to protect Americans.
Jeff Sessions Just Confessed His Negligence on Russia – Foreign Policy

Rex Tillerson : Yeah, the russians are already interfering, but hey, we can't do anything to stop them.

Mike Pompeo : Russians are totally gonna screw with our elections again. In fact they never stopped.
CIA Chief Mike Pompeo Warns Russia Will Target Midterm Polls | Time

Donald tRUmp : Thank You Russia! Lets have a parade!
“I can certainly say with confidence that there is significant evidence of collusion between the campaign and Russia.”
- Congressman Adam Schiff - SOURCE
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