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Default Re: A win for free conscience and expresion

This is not a knock on some Asians. It's just different cultures.
BUT there are celebrations in some Asian countries where DOG, for some celebrations, is a common meal.
Similar to our turkey for thanksgiving.

Would it be Illegal discrimination for a U.S. pet store to SELL a dog to a family that it knew was going to "humanly" kill and eat it?
The Pet Shop sells dogs to other Asians right?

Would it be Illegal Discrimination for a drug store clerk to refuse to sell Cough Syrup to teens she knows are using it to get drunk?
The Drug Store sells cough syrup to other teens right?

Would it be Illegal Discrimination for a hardware store owner to refuses to sell a rope and duck tape to a man who said he was going to use it on his willing girlfriend?
The Hardware Store sells rope and duck tape to other men right?

Could it be that if the purpose or intended use of the product or service is against the sellers clearly defined religious/moral beliefs that a seller has every right to refuse the service?
Seems to me the clear answer is yes.

If "the law" says otherwise then the "the law" is wrong. As so many others are, and have been, in this country.
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Job 14:6-8

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